4 products for better patient engagement

SYNaPsE aims to synergise patient engagement. In order to do that we developed 4 integrated products: a search engine to explore the global patient engagement initiatives scene, a people network to showcase your experience and connect with like-minded people, an organization repository to discover what other organizations are doing in the patient engagement field and a resource library.

Dedicated reports - analyse your performance or see what others are doing

SYNaPse can support your patient engagement efforts thought the automatically generated reports. Explore the public reports to gain a comprehensive overview of the patient engagement landscape. Analyse your organization report to see the strong points of your patient engagement efforts, as well as areas for improvement. Dedicate initiatives reports will help you improve each separate project. The reports are always improved and updated for your convenience.

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A community effort for cultural change

The individual Pledge to Patients unites the whole patient engagement community under a common objective – a personal commitment to work with patients for patients. No strings attached. Pledge to Patients is a personal promise to make the small changes that add up to a real cultural shift. It’s been designed to be simple, meaningful and shareable to inspire anyone committed to patient engagement.

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