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A selection of initiatives demonstrating the quality and impact of patient engagement work, serving as inspiration for those seeking to make patient engagement happen.

The methodology used is based on the Patient Engagement Quality Guidance.

The third edition of the Book of Good Practices was published in 2020.



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Consumer Involvement in Research Program


R&D Key Performance Indicators and Patient Engagement Planning– a mix of 3 cases

Reducing and mitigating the burden of clinical trials on patients and care partners


Roadmap for a future-proof healthcare system

Global Oncology Patient Insight Panel

Patient information leaflet on clinical trials "Clinical trials – of interest for you?" as paper leaflet and e-leaflet


KPI framework to measure progress on the Novartis Commitment to Patients and Caregivers

Consulting a patient and carer group on the delivery of Exoskeleton assisted walking to aid cardiovascular fitness in patients with gait problems due to Multiple Sclerosis

Patient Partnership Program