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COVID-19 and impacted communities: A media communications guide
By COVID-19 Working Group - New York 18 November 2020
covid 19 communication guide

The goal of this guide is to provide communication professionals with the tools needed to ensure accurate reporting and curb any related stigma associated with COVID-19. 

This guide explores topics such as: 

  • Best Practices for Covering COVID-19
  • Pitfalls to Avoid When Reporting 
  • Racism, Scapegoating, and Health Outcomes 
  • Scientific and Medical Terms 
  • Misinformation and Disinformation
  • Person-Centered Language 
  • Resources for Additional Information

This guide was collaboratively written and researched over the past six months by a diverse coalition of public health physicians, healthcare professionals, epidemiologists, scientists, social workers, journalists, communication professionals, community workers, activists, and advocates. 

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