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The impact of COVID-19 on cancer treatment and screening
By Precision Medicine Forum 12 November 2020
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During this Precision Medicine Forum session, the panelists spoke about the impact Covid-19 has had on cancer treatment and screening. Main discussions points covered:

  • Quantifying the impact of COVID-19 on cancer screening, tests, and treatments
  • Creating a safe environment for cancer patients as we emerge from lock-down: 
    • rebuilding trust and encouraging people to seek help
    • managing treatment for international patients
  • Ramping up screening and effectively clearing the backlog
  • Developing a strategy to increase hospital testing capacity, increase turn-around times, and prioritise effectively  
  • Assessing the collateral damage to cancer patients due to global pandemics
  • What lessons have we learned and how can these be applied to future localised restrictions and pandemics?

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