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5 Questions blog by David King, Co-Chair, IFPMA Ethics & Business Integrity Committee Patient Centricity Working Group

01 Apr 2020 Other


Alleati per la Salute_presentation

19 May 2020 Other

COVID- 19 Awareness Page on the NHC Website:

18 Mar 2020 Other


14 Apr 2020 Other

COVID-19 Real-World Evidence and Observational studies

17 Apr 2020 Other

COVID-19 in people with MS Global data sharing initiative

09 Apr 2020 Other

COVID-19: Information Resources

03 Apr 2020 Other

COVID-19: Managing your Asthma Symptoms

03 May 2020 Other

CTTI Prioritization Tool for Sponsors and Patient Groups

08 Feb 2020 Other

Case study GenerationR Young Person’s Advisory Groups (YPAGs)

27 Aug 2019 Other


Clinical Outcome Assessment

27 Sep 2019 Other

Consultation on Patient Engagement on development of medicines in dementia

08 Nov 2019 Other