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A Canadian Take on the International Patient Engagement Revolution

27 Jan 2020 Publication

Between funder requirements and ‘jobbing scientists’: the evolution of patient and public involvement in a mental health biomedical research centre - a qualitative study

20 Apr 2020 Publication

CML Patients’ Views on Psychological Support throughout the Treatment-Free Remission Journey

09 Dec 2019 Publication

Clinical trials recruitment planning: A proposed framework from the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

08 Feb 2020 Publication

Decision Support Tool: Real Time Data Sharing with Study Participants

08 Feb 2020 Publication


Design, Conduct, and Use of Patient Preference Studies in the Medical Product Life Cycle: A Multi-Method Study

10 Dec 2019 Publication

Digital Health from a Patient Perspective with recommendations on digital health

18 Oct 2019 Publication

Digital tools against COVID-19: taxonomy, ethical challenges, and navigation aid

30 Jun 2020 Publication

European League Against Rheumatism recommendations for the inclusion of patient representatives in scientific projects

27 Nov 2019 Publication

European Patients Academy Glossary

07 Nov 2019 Publication

European Patients Academy Glossary

07 Nov 2019 Publication

Evaluating the “return on patient engagement initiatives” in medicines research and development: A literature review

01 Feb 2020 Publication