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A Canadian Take on the International Patient Engagement Revolution

27 Jan 2020 Publication

Between funder requirements and ‘jobbing scientists’: the evolution of patient and public involvement in a mental health biomedical research centre - a qualitative study

20 Apr 2020 Publication

CML Patients’ Views on Psychological Support throughout the Treatment-Free Remission Journey

09 Dec 2019 Publication

Clinical trials recruitment planning: A proposed framework from the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

08 Feb 2020 Publication

Decision Support Tool: Real Time Data Sharing with Study Participants

08 Feb 2020 Publication


Design, Conduct, and Use of Patient Preference Studies in the Medical Product Life Cycle: A Multi-Method Study

10 Dec 2019 Publication

Digital Health from a Patient Perspective with recommendations on digital health

18 Oct 2019 Publication

Digital tools against COVID-19: taxonomy, ethical challenges, and navigation aid

30 Jun 2020 Publication

EUPATI guidance for patient involvement in medicines research and development (R&D); Guidance for pharmaceutical industry-led medicines R&D

10 Sep 2018 Publication

Ethnic Differences, Regulatory Policies, and COVID-19

30 Jul 2020 Publication

European League Against Rheumatism recommendations for the inclusion of patient representatives in scientific projects

27 Nov 2019 Publication

European Patients Academy Glossary

07 Nov 2019 Publication