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Involving Consumers in Health and Medical Research

03 Sep 2019 Publication


Meaningful Patient Engagement in Healthcare Delivery

30 Sep 2019 Publication

Medicines Adaptive Pathways to Patients: Why, When, and How to Engage?

18 Jun 2020 Publication

National Standards for Public Involvement

04 Jul 2019 Publication

Patient Engagement Practices in Clinical Research among Patient Groups, Industry, and Academia in the United States: A Survey

08 Feb 2020 Publication

Patient Engagement in COVID Times: Looking Behind the Numbers

30 Jul 2020 Publication

Patient and Public Engagement in Integrated Knowledge Translation Research: Are we there yet?

20 Dec 2019 Publication

Patient preferences for using mobile technologies in clinical trials

08 Feb 2020 Publication

Paving the way to a more effective informed consent process: Recommendations from the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

08 Feb 2020 Publication

Perspectives and Experiences with Engaging Youth and Families in Research

20 Nov 2019 Publication

Practical guidance for patient-centred health research

24 Dec 2019 Publication

Public Co-Applicants in Research – guidance on roles and responsibilities:

04 Jul 2019 Publication