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Patient-Reported Outcomes: Design with the End in Mind - Whitepaper

22 Aug 2018


Patient-community Perspectives on Real-World Evidence: Enhancing Engagement, Understanding, and Trust

30 Sep 2019 Framework/guidance

Patient/Caregiver Pathway Mapping & Patient Shark Tank® Health Collaboratory

04 Nov 2019 Book

Patients as Partners in Clinical Research EU – 5 Min Overview

14 Jan 2020 Podcast

Patients as Research Partners; How to Value their Perceptions, Contribution and Labor?

14 Mar 2019

Paving the way to a more effective informed consent process: Recommendations from the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative

08 Feb 2020 Publication

Personalising Patient Experiences Using Behavioural Science - with Prof. John Weinman & Nathan O’Donnell

20 Mar 2019

Perspectives and Experiences with Engaging Youth and Families in Research

20 Nov 2019 Publication

Piloting the Patient Engagement Quality Guidance

19 Mar 2019

Plain Language Summaries (PLS) of Publications Toolkit

10 Jul 2019 Plain Language Summaries (PLS)


Podcast: Engaging Patients By Giving Them their Data

25 Jan 2019

Podcast: How to Make Patient Involvement Sustainable Throughout Medicines Development

13 Jan 2019