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Patient Perspectives

29 Apr 2020 Article and blog post

Patient Perspectives on Disease Impact and Treatment Options: A Stratification Tool

22 Aug 2018

Patient Protocol Engagement Toolkit (P-PET)

25 Nov 2019 Framework/guidance


Patient Representative Training Program

16 Jul 2018

Patient and Public Engagement in Integrated Knowledge Translation Research: Are we there yet?

20 Dec 2019 Publication

Patient and community feedback on plain language summaries (PLS)

28 Nov 2019 Book

Patient and public involvement (PPI) in clinical trials

02 Apr 2019

Patient and public involvement in research

25 Feb 2019

Patient and public involvement: Guidance for researchers

20 Dec 2018

Patient engagement coalition emphasises need for global leaders to work together - Video

12 Jan 2018

Patient engagement in hospital health service planning and improvement: a scoping review - Article

05 Jun 2018

Patient engagement is changing the entire drug development process - Video

12 Jan 2018