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Reasonable Legal Agreements between Patient Advocates and Pharmaceutical Companies (Leaflet)

20 Mar 2019

Reasonable agreements between patient advocacy and the pharmaceutical industry - presentation

20 Nov 2018

Reasonable agreements between patient advocates and pharmaceutical companies - Project Overview and Messages

13 Feb 2020 Fact sheet

Recognizing that Evidence is Made, not Born

26 Jun 2019

Recommendations for a Metropolitan COVID-19 Response

08 Apr 2020 Article and blog post

Report of the Internal consultation on patient engagement sustainability (Expert Patient and Researcher EURORDIS Summer School 2018)

08 Nov 2019 Other

Report for consultation with young persons: KidsBarcelona FSJD

08 Nov 2019 Research report

Report of the PARADIGM WP1 HTA Workshop on Early Dialogues held in London on 19th October 2018

08 Nov 2019 Other

Report on Advancing Meaningful Patient Engagement in Research, Development, and Review of Drugs

27 Feb 2018

Report on Involving Children and Young People in Research

04 Jul 2019 Research report

Representativeness in Patient Engagement - White paper

22 Aug 2018

Repurposing – what is it and why it’s important for COVID-19 (Guest blog)

07 May 2020 Article and blog post