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Scientific Poster on Co-creation of Patient Engagement Quality Guidance and Quality Criteria

13 Nov 2018 Other

Second Annual Patient-Centric Benchmark Survey: The Aurora Project

11 Apr 2019

Share4Rare poster

30 Oct 2018

Short report of existing patient engagement practices and processes

08 Nov 2019 Research report

Special Issue: Patient and Public Involvement in Dementia Research: Moving from Proving to Improving

31 Oct 2018

Striving to become more patientcentric in life sciences

04 Mar 2020 Research report

Study Participant Feedback Questionnaire Toolkit

25 Nov 2019 Framework/guidance

Summary Speech by Usman Khan Executive Director EPF

21 Nov 2019 Video

Supporting patient involvement in the development of new treatments Parkinson’s UK

04 Nov 2019 Book